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Marantz Custom Mouthpieces is proud to present the Legacy Handcrafted Series line of custom Saxophone mouthpieces. Paying homage to the past, born in the present.

Slants and Double Rings are out
of stock but will be back soon!

Reviews of Marantz Legacy Mouthpieces:


"Matt Marantz is producing some of the most beautiful, warm-sounding, powerful saxophone mouthpieces I have ever played. I love he is a true artisan, but also plays jazz on a world class level. There's no substitute for that kind of expertise, and he does it all with an easygoing and welcoming attitude. Matt receives my very highest recommendation."

- Joel Frahm, world renowned NYC-based saxophonist, 2015


"Let me suggest that anyone looking for a new alto mouthpiece should contact Matt about his East Coast Legacy mouthpiece. I received mine yesterday and I think he's really hit it out if the park with this mouthpiece!"

- Jeff Rzepiela on his Marantz East Coast Legacy HR Atlo MPC #7, San Jose, CA 2014


"Wow Matt! You nailed it! I slapped on the first reed out of my reed case (not a new reed) and I immediately felt comfortable with every aspect of the mouthpiece. From soft to loud, low to high, I don't feel that I may "chirp" if I lay into it and it remains wonderfully full sounding with plenty of projection and doesn't get thin or shrill. I tried 3 different ligatures (Rovner, Selmer 404 & Vandoren Optimum) and they all had their own slight characteristics but the mouthpiece sounded and felt great with any one of them. I also popped it onto my 1938 King Zephyr Special and opened up a whole new dimension on that horn that I've never heard or felt before. I haven't tried it on my 10M or my MKVI yet, I'm having too much fun on the Yamaha!"

- Alex Jackson on his Marantz Double Ring Legacy metal tenor mpc #8, professional player in Las Vegas, NV, 2014


"Recent Matt Marantz customer here. The work on the piece is as precise as can be, with really nice concepts underlying. Though not a mouthpiece addict type of person myself, the playability and the sound of the two models I tried are great, really superb. Instantly recognizable as a distinct performing and sounding piece without any gimmick or featured sound signature that would get in the way down the road."

- Bill Trabilcy on his Marantz East Coast Legacy HR tenor mpc #7, MA, 2014

Reviews of Marantz Legacy Mouthpieces:


"Gotta send a little mouthpiece love out to master tenorist and mouthpiece maker/refacer Matt Marantz. He recently worked on an old Tonemaster of mine, and it's quickly becoming a go-to piece for me. He does beautiful work, and also plays his butt off. Check him out, folks!" - Joel Frahm, world renowned NYC-based saxophonist, 2015



"This is the best mouthpiece I've ever had. I can do things on it I haven't been able to do with any other mouthpiece."

- Nate Giroux on his Marantz East Coast Legacy HR tenor mpc, NY, 2014


"The piece arrived safely yesterday. I put it through the paces for about an hour. Love it! Construction is flawless. It's reed friendly and the intonation is great. If this is an exact copy of a Slant Sig, I can see why the demand is high for a vintage piece. I don't have that kind of $$, so this will do just fine for me. Thanks again!"

-Daniel Dyas on his Marantz East Coast Legacy HR tenor mpc #7*, CA, 2014


"I got this tenor piece from Matt. It is a really good piece. It has a lot of core to the sound. One of my favorite things about this mouthpiece is the ability to shape my sound with it, and it also has some soul to it. For me I can play dark on it but the response on the piece is quick. If i want to play brighter is plays brighter. It just does what I need it to do. I feel like I can hear every note from my horn. Matt is great I really like his work!!!!! What a good piece. I think if anyone gets this piece they will be happy."

-James Helle on his Marantz Legacy HR tenor mpc #7*, NC, 2014


NYC Saxophonist Joel Frahm on the Marantz

Slant Legacy HR MPC for tenor sax!



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