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NY Legacy HR for Alto Sax

NY Legacy HR for Alto Sax


The NY Legacy Alto black HR combines modern machining with the timeless craft of detailed, finely honed hand finishing. We have sourced the finest Germany hard rubber in the world for this product. The chamber for this model was taken from a beautiful example of an early NY USA Meyer1960s alto HR mouthpiece, and the model includes the same beautiful scooped sidewalls as the originals as well as an expertly hand-sculpted rollover baffle. Think Cannonball Adderley, Phil Woods, and Bird here. Available in any tip size you can dream of, the Marantz NY Legacy HR is sure to please even the most discerning alto saxophonist looking for response they can trust and tonality that will inspire.

  • Return policy

    At this time no returns are accepted on any Marantz Custom Mouthpiece models. Each one is treated like a custom order and is setup, hand finished, play tested, and adjusted over a period of days. The only way we can continue to provide this leve lof attention to detail & quality control that our customers have become accustomed to with Marantz Custom Mouthpieces is to stick to a no-returns policy which helps us keep the business running smoothly. Thanks for your understanding. 

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