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Questions about refacing, replating, adjustments, or Legacy series availability? Get in touch here.            For POLICIES on custom orders for Legacy Series                                           mouthpieces and F.A.Q's, read those on this                                                page below.


Policies on Marantz Legacy Series mouthpiece

orders and general F.A.Q's:


Q: Do you have dealers where I can try out your mouthpieces? 

A: Currently we have two Stateside dealers: Virtuosity Musical

Instruments in Boston, Massachusetts and Woodsy's Music in Kent,

OH. If you would like to have these fine mouthpieces available in your

local area, please ask your local sax shop to get in touch about dealer

orders. In China, Taiwan, and Macau our distributor is Elegance Audio

& Musical Instrument Co. If you are in China, Taiwan, or Macau, please

contact your local dealer and have them order stock from Elegance

Audio & Musical Instrument Co.

Q: How long does it take to receive an order after it is placed?

A: Matt is in demand as a performer, recording engineer, and as of course a mouthpiece technician. Matt accepts mouthpiece refaces, repairs, and custom orders from all over the world through this website. As a result, he is very busy and although most orders are handled and shipped within a month, there are times when it takes longer. For the most part, you can expect your order to be shipped within 2-4 weeks. During high volume seasons (the holidays, back to school, etc.) you can expect a wait time of roughly 4-6 weeks at most. Notice will be given if the wait time is expect to be longer than 2-4 weeks.

Q: Do you take credit card orders over the phone?

A: Yes we can, but it is easier much preferred for customers to use the checkout process on this website. We accept any form of credit/debit card payment or Paypal through the webstore.

Q: Do you offer a return policy on Legacy series HR and metal mouthpieces?

A: No, unfortunately this is not possible. Unlike mass-produced saxophone mouthpieces, Marantz custom mouthpieces are made-to-order by hand. Matt Marantz personally communicates with each customer to ensure correct tip sizes are delivered and each order is handled accurately. When necessary, personal attention is given to make sure that sound goals are met. We do, however, offer to administer a 1-time tip size change for each order if the tip size ordered does not meet your expectations. By nature, this kind of hands-on, one-at-a-time hand-finished high-quality manufacturing operation requires a great deal of time, effort, and not to mention personal financial investment. For these wonderful mouthpieces to keep being produced and enjoyed by players worldwide, it is simply not possible to offer a return policy for direct-orders from this website. You can rest assured, though, that every detail and quality aspect of each mouthpiece that leaves the shop is finely honed, play tested, and personally adjusted by Matt Marantz himself by-hand before it leaves the shop.

Q: What does the Slant Legacy play/sound like?

A: The Slant Legacy HR is a true-to-design replica of the original Link Slant HR piece from the 60s. As a result, it has a low rollover baffle and a warm, pleasing classic tenor tone. It's not a powerhouse mouthpiece, rather it performs like the originals did; It has a beautiful, centered core that never gets harsh when it is pushed, yet it still projects to the back of the room when you push it. In modern settings like jazz clubs & theaters, players always feel they have plenty of projection & power to meet modern standards. However, the pieces never get strident or harsh in the upper register when they are pushed, which is all built into the design.

Q: What does the NY Legacy alto HR play/sound like?

A: The NY Legacy alto sounds like a classic NY Meyer from the 1960s. It has a chamber taken from the dimensions of the original and the baffle is a low rollover akin to the ones you'd see in mid-60s Meyers. It has plenty of projection and power but it never gets harsh when you push it. It is not a paint-peeler or a high-baffle monster, rather it leans towards the classic alto tones of players like Cannonball Adderly, Phil Woods, and Charlie Parker.

Q: What colors do you offer for electroplating?

A: 24k gold, silver rhodium, and black rhodium

Q: Will my mouthpiece play/sound different after it is plated?

A: No. Plating is so thin it has to be measured in microns. As a result, it doesn't change the tonal properties of a sax mouthpiece in any noticeable way.

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