Double Ring Legacy metal for Tenor Sax

Double Ring Legacy metal for Tenor Sax


December 2020 UPDATE: I am taking a short break from accepting new orders for the Double Ring Legacy for about 4 weeks. These require a lot of time & energy to make, and this model has been very popular which I have been grateful for but it's been a lot to keep up with. So I have decided to wait until January 2021, about a month from now, to accept any new orders while I catch up with the outstanding orders that have been coming in up until now and then cool down a bit for the end of the year. Thank you so much for all the business this year, and if you want to get on the waiting list for a Double Ring Legacy for January, which is about a month from now, please feel free to get in touch via email and I will be glad to send you an email when I begin taking orders for this model again. Matt


The Double Ring Legacy is the culmination of a decade's worth of study, practice, research, and development at Marantz Custom Mouthpieces. The Florida-era Double Ring vintage is the most sought-after vintage of metal mouthpieces from the jazz tradition. A perfect, untouched original Wolf-Tayne facing 1950's Florida-era Double-Ring was obtained as a baseline model for this project and rigorously measured, tested, researched, and spec'd out for this recreation of a mouthpiece that many tenor players dream of owning but either can't afford or, more likely, can't find in original condition. We feel we have recreated all the vintage vibe, character, and tone of the original design with the Double Ring Legacy. Available now in 24k gold plating with the addition of a real red & black marbled hard rubber full-sized vintage style biteplate.

  • Return Policy

    No returns are offered on this model. Each one is rigourously setup, hand finished, play tested, and adjust over a period of days, and then finally each one is gold plated in 18k gold. We cannot afford to provide this level of attention to quality & detail as well as supply gold plating for the mouthpieces ahead of shipment without sticking to a strict no-returns policy. Each Double Ring Legacy is treated as a customized personalized order in which you can select your tip size and have it delivered on spec down to a thousandth of an inch. Thanks for your understanding.

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