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Aldana Custom Hard Rubber Tenor Mouthpiece

Aldana Custom Hard Rubber Tenor Mouthpiece


The new official custom mouthpiece of Melissa Aldana is here! After spending 5 years playing the Marantz Slant Legacy, Melissa Aldana decided it was time for something more personalized for her sound. Together in the summer of 2023 we began developing a new model for her based on her input & feedback from the Slant Legacy design. Featuring a longer, higher baffle, smaller chamber, and lower angled beak, the new Aldana HR tenor mouthpiece features a more streamlined feel, increased projection, and an ease & flexibility that soars above the band for more clarity and power when playing live. We are thrilled to be able to make this new personalized version of Melissa Aldana's mouthpiece available to the worldwide saxophone community.

  • Tip sizes

    For right now, the Aldana is available in 8* .115" (her preferred size), 8 .110", and 7* .105". In the future we may add some larger tip sizes, but not smaller ones for this design.

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