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Click here to read Steve Neff's review of the Slant Legacy HR, checkout Downbeat Magazine's October 2019 Double Ring Legacy review to the left, and Read what valued artists & customers are saying about Matt's mouthpiece work below:

"Hey Matt, thank you so much for everything. It was great hanging with you yesterday and playing your mouthpieces; They are incredibly special pieces and I do look forward to trying more. And the work you did on the link was phenomenal. I dug playing it last night. You are an amazing player & craftsman."

- Ravi Coltrane, world renowned saxophonist, NYC 2019

"After years of working on sound while trying to gain a deeper understanding of what direction I want to go for I have finally found the mouthpiece that allows me to connect on a deeper level. Matt Marantz's Slant Legacy HR for tenor sax is the best mouthpiece I've ever played. This is my dream mouthpiece."

-Melissa Aldana, world renowned NYC based saxophonist, 2018


"Gotta send a little mouthpiece love out to master tenorist and mouthpiece maker/refacer Matt Marantz. He recently worked on an old Tonemaster of mine, and it's quickly becoming a go-to piece for me. He does beautiful work, and also plays his butt off. Check him out, folks!" - Joel Frahm, world renowned NYC-based saxophonist, 2015

"Hi Matt, thanks for the Double Ring 8. I’ve been enjoying it, but wanted to wait for a wee while and do a few gigs to make sure it wasn’t my mind playing tricks. I’ve been on a tenor MP search for a long time. Maybe because I started on alto and don’t want to sound like an alto guy playing tenor. Obviously, buying fancy mouthpieces doesn’t make my playing any better, but it does give me an idea of what works for me, and what other people think. I’ve had Selmers ( metal jazz and classical, S80 - that’s a great mp but too quiet), Runyons (had a great DV I think it was), bergs, hard rubber links (possibly my favorite till now), Vandoren v16 metal large chamber, JJ George Garzone (great piece too, love the facing and quick response and the silliness of the huge hunk of aluminum), the new D’addarios etc.

Anyway, your Double Ring is better. So quick to respond, makes my Selmer series II easy to play down low, & I can sound (a bit) like Johnny Griffin or Ben Webster or Coleman Hawkins!

Also other players have noticed and admired the sound. 

Thanks very much!" 

- Daniel Yeabsley, New Zealand, 2023

"Hi Matt, The mpc’s arrived safely today.  What beautiful work!  I’ve been playing the Double Ring and am loving it!  Wow, what a fantastic mpc!  I’m having too much fun with it to try the Slant Legacy.  I’ll save the Slant for tomorrow! Thanks for your wonderful work!  Your skill and dedication to the craft shine through the mpcs! Take good care and stay well!

- David Morrisey, MA, USA, August 2020

"Finally, I decided (I don't know why I waited this long) to contact Matt to reface a Retro Revival Tru-Slant. The mouthpiece played pretty good with the right reed but not great. I reached out to Matt who was incredibly responsive and shared further details on his process. Once Matt received the mouthpiece, he sent me details on his assessment of the piece as well as what he was going to do to the table and tip to improve the overall playability of this mouthpiece. Matt was able to reface my Retro Revival Tru Slant and send it back to me in under a week. Once I received the mouthpiece which was packaged securely for return shipping, I started to play and compare it to my original slant. Matt did great job on this piece and it plays overall much better than it did before. I still prefer my original slant BUT this refaced retro revival mouthpiece is now a great playing piece that I would feel very comfortable playing on a gig with little to no adjustment time. Again, Matt was responsive, the work was high quality, and I received my mouthpiece back securely and within a reasonable time frame. I will definitely use Matt based on his availability for future mouthpiece refacing work. Zachary Sollitto, Best Saxophone Website Ever, June 2020

"You probably already know this man, but you absolutely nailed it with this piece (Double Ring Legacy tenor). This is hands down better than any Otto link or copy/inspired by piece I've ever played." - Tom Walsh, South Wales Australia, June 2020

"Matt just finished refacing my 60's vintage Florida STM ~ WOW I've never played such a responsive, smooth, resonant mouthpiece in my life. I had no idea how much work it was to play prior to his refacing. Words cant begin to describe how incredible he made my Link! Now I gravitate towards a brighter more vibrant sound now, which is why I turned right around and bought his Legacy Double Ring. It's got a similar feel to my refaced Link but even crisper, more responsive and brighter. I cant wait to get my hands on it as I can hardly grasp how well it's going to play knowing it's even better than the Link he just refaced. He is also extremely friendly, helpful and supportive to all of his clients, his level of customer service is beyond this world. Matt is the man! I highly recommend him!!!!!!!" - George Palmer, Ontario, Canada December 2019

"Matt, I got the soprano mouthpiece; You nailed it! Really excellent, beautiful round warm sound with great projection on the whole range of the soprano. Got a chance to work on the back up Slant you made me as well, excellent work as well! It's a little more closed and easier to control than the 1st one you made for me at the larger tip size. My #1 go-to mouthpiece on tenor is now the Marantz Double Ring metal, I am so glad you convinced me to try it! I Love it. Thank you so much!"

- Philippe Crettien, Boston MA, LA Moderna Soprano, Slant Legacy tenor HR, and Double Ring Legacy metal tenor August 2019

"Matt, thank you for the Double Ring Legacy metal tenor piece, I've been playing it for 6 weeks and it's fantastic! Now I want to order one in a 9 tip." - Michel Dezoteux, Double Ring Legacy metal tenor, Brussels, Belguim October 2019

"Matt, just wanted to let you know I received the new mouthpiece and it’s terrific.  Somehow it’s even easier to play than your other one.  Also, I’m really digging the tone.  I was playing along to Coltrane’s solo on Freddie Freeloader and had recorded playing over it yesterday with the old piece and today with the new one.  New one sounds more like Trane, and I’m ok with that.  Thanks again for all your work on this model." - Matt Theissen, USA, Double Ring Legacy, June 2019

"Hi Matt I am still enjoying the Marantz Double Ring Legacy metal tenor piece I bought from you. Have had a lot of compliments from player about the sound of the piece. And it plays like a dream. I saw you recorded Melissa Aldana, do you know which mouthpiece she is playing? I thinks she has one of the most beautiful tenor sounds I have heard. Of course that will be 90% her skill and 10% mouthpiece. But I would like to know anyhow. [Melissa is playing a Marantz Slant Legacy HR 8*, to answer this question] All the best and thanks again for making me such a great piece!"

- Walter Maas, Double Ring Legacy metal tenor 8*, The Netherlands, October 2019

"Matt, I wanted to let you know that the mouthpiece is no fluke!  Still love playing it just as much as when I first received it—maybe more?  Anyway, hope things are going well for you."

- Matt Thiessen, Double Ring Legacy tenor, October 2019

"I need to call out Matt for his great work.  I have his Florida Legacy and Slant Legacy 'pieces in 7*, and have found his 'pieces to be a great investment in finding in my sound. Both will take any reed I put on, easy blowing but with enough feedback, and frankly sound beautiful. The Florida is what you'd expect compared to a Slant - slightly more punchy when pressed and I find ultimately versatile for what I need. The Slant, on the other hand, offers a richness and tone pallet that just blew me away from the first blow. I've tended to prefer metal mouthpieces, but I think that's in my head. I connected with Matt's HR 'pieces right away - this Slant Legacy, and Matt's original HR East Coast Legacy that I bought a few years ago and still have.  I'm fortunate to have both Matt's Florida and Slant, and believe players would be well-served to give Matt's work a try." - John Coste, CA, JohnNYC on SOTW, 2017


"I have seen a lot of mouthpieces in my line of business, and many have been refaced by the top names in the field. Your refacing and finishing work stands up with the best of them, and I would not hesitate to recommend your refacing work to anyone. I love your work!" - Mark Sepinuck, Florida, aka 10mFan™ on the web - Seller of more vintage mouthpiece than anyone on the internet and owner of the world famous 10mFan™ saxophone mouthpiece line.


"I acquired a 7* recently in a trade and just wanted to bump this thread, mainly because I rarely see anything on this forum about these pieces. IMO, these are very nice pieces worthy of your attention and consideration if you are looking at the higher-end boutique "Florida copy" pieces. Once I found a good reed, this piece really sings, and walks that line of being just resistant enough to shape your sound without being "resistant" (if that makes sense). I'm gigging tonight in a rock setting, so I will be able to report more after that, but I have a feeling that it will be able to cut through the mix. A surprising bit of power with this piece, but with that fat Link core I covet.  Again, I'm a little surprised these aren't talked about more here." - Buddy Lee, SOTW, 2017

"Thanks so much Matt! The Lebayle mouthpiece you re-plated in 24k gold plays, feels and looks amazing! I'm so happy with the way it turned out. Beautiful work!" - Chelsea Baratz, NYC based saxophonist 2017


“I LOVE the Meyer you fixed. I have never seen a better fixed chip! I love the work you did on my Meyer... Really have NEVER seen a better fix. It is perfect.” – Ricky Parrell, 2013, US Air Force Band, Washington, D.C.


"Let me suggest that anyone looking for a new alto mouthpiece should contact Matt about his East Coast Legacy mouthpiece. I received mine yesterday and I think he's really hit it out if the park with this mouthpiece!" - Jeff Rzepiela on his Marantz East Coast Legacy HR Atlo MPC #7, San Jose, CA 2014


"Wow Matt! You nailed it! I slapped on the first reed out of my reed case (not a new reed) and I immediately felt comfortable with every aspect of the mouthpiece. From soft to loud, low to high, I don't feel that I may "chirp" if I lay into it and it remains wonderfully full sounding with plenty of projection and doesn't get thin or shrill. I tried 3 different ligatures (Rovner, Selmer 404 & Vandoren Optimum) and they all had their own slight characteristics but the mouthpiece sounded and felt great with any one of them. I also popped it onto my 1938 King Zephyr Special and opened up a whole new dimension on that horn that I've never heard or felt before. I haven't tried it on my 10M or my MKVI yet, I'm having too much fun on the Yamaha!" - Alex Jackson on his Marantz Double Ring Legacy metal tenor mpc #8, professional player in Las Vegas, NV, 2014


"I got the East Coast Legacy hard rubber tenor piece from Matt. It is a really good piece and it has a lot of core to the sound. One of my favorite things about this mouthpiece is the ability it gives you to shape the sound. It has some soul in it! I can play dark on it but the response on the piece is still quick. If I want to play brighter is plays brighter. It just does what I need it to do. I feel like I can hear every note from my horn. Matt is great to deal with and I really like his work!!!!! What a good piece. I think if anyone gets this piece they will be happy." - James Helle on his Marantz Legacy HR tenor mpc #7*, NC, 2014

"Recent Matt Marantz customer here. The work on the two pieces I tried is as precise as can be, with really nice concepts underlying. Though not a mouthpiece addict type myself, the playability and sound of the two models I tried are great, realy just superb. The East Coast Legacy hard rubber mouthpiece is instantly recognizable as a distinct performing and sounding piece without any gimmick or featured sound signature that would get in the way of my sound down the road." - Bill Trabilcy on his Marantz East Coast Legacy HR tenor mpc #7, MA, 2014

"This is the best mouthpiece I've ever had! I can do things on it I haven't been able to do with any other mouthpiece." Nate Giroux on his Marantz East Coast Legacy HR tenor mpc, NY, 2014

"The piece arrived safely yesterday. I put it through the paces for about an hour. Love it! Construction is flawless. It's reed friendly and the intonation is great. If this is an exact copy of a Slant Sig, I can see why the demand is high for a vintage piece. I don't have that kind of $$, so this will do just fine for me. Thanks again!" - Daniel Dyas on his Marantz East Coast Legacy HR tenor mpc #7*, CA, 2014


“This piece is KILLER! Even better than before.” - John Doheny, Tulane University New Orleans, after having his recently damaged 2010 Marantz refaced Link repaired to playing condition again in 2013.


“Matt, I got the mouthpiece today and had a chance to play it. It plays wonderful! No more stuffiness and the projection from it is great. I think it outplays my original EB Link! Great work! I have not experimented with different reeds. I put a fresh Vandoren Jazz 3 on it and it worked like a charm! Works equally great on my Yanigisawa and Selmer altos. Thanks Matt! You really exceeded all my expectations! I have had loads of my mpcs refaced by different masters and I have always preferred my stock mpcs though. I think this is the first exception to that rule!!” - Tuomas Heinonen, 2013, Otto Link HR alto reface - Finland


“Matt- Oh Snap!!! I played the HR tenor Berg for 5 seconds and was blown away! You killed it man! Whatever you did to it tightened up the focus of the piece gave it edge projection...This piece gives my Vigilante Studio a run for the money big time... It’s now a killer piece! Thanks man! Great work -- keep it up!!!” – Ryan Knight, 2012, USA 


“The mouthpiece came in the mail and it plays great!  You do great work!! “  - Josh Hollenback, Instructor of Music and Director of Bands, Nicholls State University, Thibodaux LA 2011


“Our own Matt Marantz (Birdlives1955) offered to work over a Morgan Alto mouthpiece for me. I'm playing a Martin Com II alto which seems to play best with a fairly open tip and big chamber to pull out all the depth of tone available in these horns. I Gave Matt my older Morgan Jazz HR piece and asked him to open it to a 9 equivalent (Morgan altos only went up to 8) and enlarge the chamber. He did that in exquisite detail and also flattened the table plus a few other adjustments that he'd be better qualified to talk about. Me? What do I know, I'm just a player...and this piece plays great. Thanks Matt.” - Wade Cornell from 2013


“Hey Matt, I received the mouthpiece in the mail. You were right about the refacing and the lower register does come out a lot better now. It looks a lot cleaner in the railing too, and it is more responsive. Thank you again for all of your work, time and effort into this.” – McClintock Davis, Florida 2011, Alto Meyer 7 Reface


"I have always admired the tone of Matt’s tenor, and when he told me he was in the mouthpiece "saving" business, off my tenor and alto pieces went. I figured his ear combined with my mouthpieces, they have to come back to me better then they were sounding prior to him working on them and I was impressed! From the diagnostic picture of my damaged Ponzol HR alto, he repaired it to excellent playing condition from the top to bottom range of the horn. The tenor pieces I sent him really pop too, and a modified current production Tone Edge Otto Link HR sings now. Seriously, Matt really took great care of 4 mouthpieces I sent him and each one creates a strong, clear beautiful tone on my instruments. Thanks Matt." – Steve Mann, The Bronx New York, NY 2011


“Hi Matt, the Dukoff arrived a couple of days ago and it plays very well, indeed. Thanks very much for your attention to detail and fine work, it's much appreciated.  It has quite a different vibe from any STM I have played. It's hard to describe. I will be in touch if I come across any other mouthpieces that need work in the future. Best, Greg Hardy” – Greg Hardy, 2011, Toronto, Canada


“The Dukoff D7 tenor you refaced for me is my favorite mouthpiece.” - Alex Silver, Dallas TX 2012


“I have known Matt as a woodwind instrument technician for less than a year, but from my experience he is among the best in the field. His thorough knowledge and attention to detail appears to come from a sincere and strong work ethic. This is also true with regards to our communications. Mr. Marantz has been timely and completely professional in all our projects.” – Dale Dong, STM NY Tenor 8*, Akron Ohio, 2012


“I just wanted to let you know that the mouthpiece sounds great! I have been experimenting with the LaVoz reeds a bit... It seems like my altissimo notes come out easier...Thank you very much for fixing it up for me. The Guardala is really sounding better day after day! I am really happy with the work you've done on both of my pieces.” – Steve Torres, El Paso, TX 2012


“After getting my mouthpiece refaced and re-aligned by Matt Marantz, it was playing like brand new and it finally suited my needs as a player. Matt is really able to cater to the musician’s needs as a sax player.” – Leland Baker, Loyola University New Orleans, NY STM Link 7* .105”


“The STM Link  with your added baffle modification really screams and altissimo is great. Your workmanship on the link is amazing. I love how easy to play it is around the whole horn. The Beechler alto HR plays really nicely after you worked on it and it can really scream. The Bari HR soprano is also a very nice piece and it plays great throughout.” - Daniel Chia, Singapore 2013


“Thanks for this gift, man! I will keep these pictures as part of the record of the life of this mouthpiece!  The workmanship looks beautiful!” - Albert Brooks – Albany, NY, Berg Larsen and Otto Link biteplate repairs 2013


“The two mouthpieces Matt worked on for me (an old New York Meyer alto with a chip in the tip rail, and a stock metal Otto Link 7* that I’d never much cared for before) have now turned out to be my working mouthpieces on both those horns. The Link especially has been a real joy, as it’s the first time in years I’ve really liked (and not just put up with) the sound I’m getting on that horn. Its ease and playability make the tenor a real pleasure.” – John Doheny 2010, New Orleans-based saxophonist, has performed with Ellis Marsalis and Albert Collins, NY Meyer .080” and NY STM Link .090”


“I have had some play time on the mouthpiece and am very impressed. Plays like a dream. Exactly what I'd hoped for. Beautiful, clean work. Much appreciated.” – Wade Cornell 2013, New Zealand/Australia, Morgan 7L opened to 8L


“I just wanted to post a brief post for all you guys looking for a really good mouthpiece refacer who doesn’t charge a lot and does great work with a quick turnaround time. I got in a mouthpiece from a fellow SOTW’ER and it played really great for me. I asked who did the work, and it was Matt Marantz. I contacted Matt and sent him a few pieces to do for me. I am very happy with the work and craftsmanship. He is very technical and is a very good player, so he really gets it. His turnaround time is super fast. (It was within a week for me.) He is a member on SOTW but most people know him for his refacing work. He is a perfectionist and really wants to make the mouthpiece their absolute best. I discussed baffle work, chamber work, tip work, facing curves, etc. with him, and he was able to do just as I asked. Just a headsup for you guys. I highly recommend his work, and he can be reached at:” - Mark Sepunick 2011, AKA 10Mfan at SOTW. 10Mfan sells more vintage sax mouthpieces than anyone else on the web, thousands per year!!!


"Matt is an honest guy and a thorough, detail-oriented worker in everything he does so I knew I could trust him with any of my equipment. He did a great job on my Yanagisawa HR #7 soprano mouthpiece, better than I thought possible. The mouthpiece really responds now and his refacing and chamber work has opened up the entire instrument. I try not to get too hung up on equipment, but I'm sending any future mouthpiece work to Matt. I am already making plans to get him to whip my alto mouthpiece into shape." - Bryce Eastwood 2011, Yanagisawa HR soprano #7 reface and chamber enlargement, Loyola University New Orleans, LA


“Once again, the work you did on that mouthpiece was excellent. I've had some time to finally work with it, and I really love it. Maybe it's just a Soloist thing, but it takes the air very differently from my Vandoren V16 I was playing. I almost have to think more downward with my airstream to really get this piece to sing. But, let me say more about your work. This helped me find a beautifully warm tone with the perfect amount of buzz to the sound. It has the response of a small-chambered piece without the edge. The response on this piece is excellent (even better when I made the airstream

adjustment). The thing I love most about it is it keeps this same ease the higher you go, which is something I've never

gotten from a jazz piece before. In addition, the high end of the horn does not thin out or become pinched as with many other jazz pieces, it retains the same evenness up and down the entire horn. As I've mentioned before, the altissimo is also superb, it's like I don’t even have to try. From a cosmetic standpoint, what you've done (**piecing back together a dropped & shattered alto Selmer Soloist mouthpiece, then opening up the tip to .080”, and then repairing the facing**) is simply amazing. I hope you took before and after shots, because you took a piece that was basically old garbage and turned it into a professional playing and looking piece. The workmanship is parallel with handmade and finished pieces (definitely better than the handwork done on my JodyJazz.) Needless to say, if I ever need any work done on any of my pieces, I would not hesitate to send an email your way.” – Kevin Snyder, Pittsburgh, PA

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