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Originally from Dallas, TX, and now residing in NYC Matt Marantz is an actively performing and recording musician. Specializing in tenor and soprano sax, Marantz has performed all over the world alongside jazz greats such as Herbie Hancock, Terence Blanchard, and Jason Moran, traveling as far as Europe and China to tour. Marantz considers his years of experience playing the saxophone vital to the craft of repairing and refacing mouthpieces.


With a lifelong interest in how mechanical things work, Marantz's journey into fine detail finish work began with a model aircraft hobby in which he built several scale and fully functional flying scale r/c models from scratch. In 2010 Marantz acquired mouthpiece refacing tools and with personal instruction from several highly regarded mentors in the field, began learning the craft of mouthpiece work. As of 2018, Marantz has experience working for several top names in the worldwide field of mouthpiece making and woodwind tech, so he brings years of experience to the table. A borderline obsessive attention to detail, experiential depth of knowledge about how a mouthpiece should perform from a player's perspective, and a solid work ethic are Marantz's primary strengths as a mouthpiece technician.


Originally drawn to NYC because of its large concentration of jazz music, Marantz has currently set up shop for his mouthpiece business in Brooklyn, NY. Marantz has been offering a by-mail mouthpiece refacing & repair service for several years, and now with a location minutes from Manhattan on the subway more saxophonists can have access to personal mouthpiece shop visits and refacing sessions when in NYC. In-person demos of the new Marantz Legacy series saxophone mouthpieces are available by appointment at 75 Ocean Avenue #6E in Brooklyn, NY 11225 right off the Q, B, and S subway lines, and Marantz continues to operate his by-mail mouthpiece repair and refacing business from this location as well. Visit the Contact page to inquire about services.

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